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Motion Graphics is basically any design elements presented in time-based media to communicate your message, excite your audience into action and sell your product or service.

It can be so many things: a movie title sequence, a complex animation, live action filming with actors and props, typography set in motion and special effects. Spice up your next presentation with a motion intro and get your audiences attention. Create a commercial for TV, Web or mobile. Implement motion and powerful visuals at your next Fashion Show, Music Concert or Special Event.

Motion graphics always starts with a basic storyboarding of a brief or translating a still idea. Then we move on to Visual Research, Mood Boards and Style Frames. Next we compile all this work into a final High Res Storyboard. Once approved we pass the project on to our filmers, animators, designers and editors to produce your final Motion piece.


Adidas End Tag

Storyboard for the T-unit F50+ soccer shoe that I made into a 20 second motion piece. The concept was ‘Create Something from Nothing’ and done in a simple ‘auto- Sketch’ drawing style. In soccer a goal can happen in the blink of an eye. Often the game can change with 1 or 2 beautiful passes – catching the goalie off guard – we hear the tremendous roar of the crowd, the goalie regrettably looks over his shoulder to see the ball in the back of the net. We then zoom into the “cause” of the beautiful passes – the T-unit F50+ soccer shoe and end on the Adidas logo.




All In One

This Honda Accord ‘All In One’ commercial was created at Motion Theory. I collaborated with the Art Director and animators on the background graphics and display images. Created in a retro, ‘Life Aquatic’ design vernacular to go along with the live action and animation.